Klausbernd Vollmar, born in 1946 near Cologne/Germany. He graduated in German and Nordic literature, philosophy, and linguistics at the University of Bochum/Germany. He worked as an assistant professor specialising in symbol systems in Finland and Germany. Winning a postgraduate scholarship by the Canada Council he worked for three years as a lecturer at the McGill University/Montreal. Editor of several magazines in Germany.

Licensed healer (Heilpraktiker) by the German health authorities and lecturer at the medical department of the Ruhr-University/Germany specialised in group training and dynamic of teams. Working with dreams and the Enneagram as a consultant for German and international companies in the field of team-design, vision and company culture. He studied and graduated in general and clinical psychology at the Ruhr-University/Germany. Working in Germany and England in private practice. Founder of the internet company TraumOnline www.traumonline.de , regular lecture tours through Europe, and author and editor of more than 50 books, working for radio, film and TV as well.

Nowadays he works with dreams and visions for personal and business future. He coaches creative teams and individuals and lives in Norfolk/England for nearly 40 years.

Klausbernd Vollmar